Maximize Efficiency with Our 20+ Year global Mining Expertise
From challenging environments in China to global operations, we provide advanced equipment and full-scope project support, ensuring increased productivity and reduced costs.
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Customized Support for Varied Mining Demands

At DigMinerals, every client is a long-term partner. Whether you purchase a single piece of equipment or require comprehensive project services, we provide free life-cycle mining consultancy. Our commitment is to your success at every step.

Custom Mining Equipment & Parts

We offer high-value, custom mining equipment and spare parts, with fast delivery from our port city production base. Catering to all environments, including extreme and underwater conditions, our equipment supports even the most unique green mining projects.

Mining Process Optimization Services

Specializing in mining process optimization, we focus on green transformations, reducing toxicity, and tailings management. Our approach not only enhances efficiency but also prioritizes environmental stewardship in your mining operations.

Complete Mining Project Services

Offering comprehensive EPC+O services, we handle everything from design and research to equipment manufacturing, commissioning, delivery, and operation. Our turnkey solutions extend to environmental restoration, ensuring a sustainable end-to-end mining project.

Value-added Services

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installation, commission and Training Programs

Develop extensive training modules for operators and technicians, focusing on safe, efficient equipment usage, and maintenance.

Customized Design and Engineering Services

Offer tailored design solutions that optimize mining operations according to the unique geological and environmental characteristics of each site.


Sustainability Consulting

Offer consultancy on implementing sustainable and eco-friendly mining practices, including waste management and energy-efficient operations.

After-Sales Support and Emergency Response

Provide robust after-sales support, including a rapid response team for emergency equipment repairs and maintenance.

Complete Mining Solutions: Products & Services at Your Fingertips

Exploration & Sampling
tailored for You

We conduct detailed geological surveys and analyses to ensure your project starts on solid ground. Our geochemical, geophysical, and drilling services are designed to precisely assess your site's potential.

Accurate Resource Estimation
for Your Investment

Our expert data analysis and resource modeling pave the way for your project's economic success. You can rely on our thorough feasibility studies to make informed decisions.

Customized Mine Planning & Design

We create a mine layout and design that optimizes your operations. Selecting the most suitable mining methods, we ensure efficiency while prioritizing environmental safety.

Development & Construction
with You in Mind

Focusing on building a strong foundation, we install state-of-the-art equipment and develop essential infrastructure, ensuring your operational readiness.

Optimal Ore Processing & Integration
for Your Operations

Expertly engineered to complement your existing excavation equipment, our crushing, grinding, and classifying technologies enhance the efficiency and output of your ore processing operations. We focus on delivering superior quality and performance to boost your mining productivity.

Optimized Product Recovery & Processing

Our concentration and refining techniques are geared towards maximizing your product's value. We manage tailings responsibly and maintain stringent quality control for your peace of mind.

Responsible Closure & Reclamation

We ensure a sustainable end to your mining operations. Our site decommissioning and land reclamation processes are meticulously planned for environmental restoration and community safety.

Dedicated Post-closure Monitoring
Environment Issue concept.

Even after project completion, we continue to care for the environment. Our long-term monitoring and land management strategies safeguard your legacy and the ecosystem.

How We Stand Out from Others

Surviving and thriving in China's intense mining industry for two decades, we offer proven supply chain excellence and rich project experience. Trust us to deliver unparalleled service quality for your mining needs

Being situated near major ports, having a presence in 30+ global locations, and enjoying economies of scale all contribute to our cost advantage.

Our products are designed with a blend of Chinese craftsmanship, global feedback, and advanced technology, ensuring top-tier longevity.

Our 20+ overseas offices across five continents ensure a 7×24 support system. We promise quick solutions, reducing downtime for your projects.

We leverage a strong supply chain in China, collaborate with hundreds of quality enterprises, and pass on the benefits of reduced costs to our clients.

Located near Shandong port, combined with our offices in key nations, we streamline logistics for rapid delivery, from production to your site.

With 80+ technical patents and a robust R&D team, we’re well-equipped to develop specialized equipment tailored to your unique needs.

2000+ Projects Strong: Next Could Be Yours

Explore highlights from our rich portfolio of over 2000 mining projects. Each success story reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation, and we’re ready to bring this expertise to your project.


Let’s craft success stories, not just sales.

"Directly dealing with Digminerals as a manufacturer has been a game-changer. Their equipment and services are now more affordable than ever before. A fantastic improvement over the past years!"
Rajesh Mehta
From India
"Stellar response time from Digminerals! Even for a small order, their attentiveness was truly impressive."
Budi Santoso
From Indonesia
"Beyond business, Digminerals has consistently offered detailed product advice and solutions. Over the past 5 years, our email exchanges have felt just like communicating with a friend."
Gabriela Castillo
From Ecuador
"From initial contact to actual construction, your swift progress ensured our project started on time. Exceptional!"
Tendai Moyo
From Zimbabwe
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